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for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse

Upcoming Events

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Upcoming events

    • 10 Oct 2014
    • 12 Oct 2014
    • Mt. Saint Macrina, Uniontown, PA
    9th Biennial Spiritual SIA Retreat
    for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse

    Be Healthy Now-making healthy choices in mind, body
    and spirit TODAY as we work our program of healing.

    October 10-12, 2014
    Uniontown, PA

    Sponsored by People of Courage and Healing Friends SIA Groups

    Come and share our collective experience, strength and hope in the beautiful autumn setting of the Laurel Highlands.
    Gentle workshop format focusing on SIA literature and the Slogans of SIA *Built in quiet time for walks, naps, meditation*Art and play opportunities*Share your talent or gift
    ~Saturday Evening Speaker~
    ~~~all participants will receive a copy of SIA’s Slogans booklet~~~

    Our retreat is located at our meeting’s location: Mt. St. Macrina, 500 W. Main Street, Uniontown, PA 15401,
    a Byzantine Catholic Retreat Center, but is in no way affiliated with the religion. Expect to see a lot of Byzantine
    icons. If you prefer more privacy than the retreat center’s 200-year-old mansion affords, 3 nice hotels are within
    walking distance.
    Holiday Inn Uniontown 724-437-2816and Super 8 Uniontown 724-425-0261 and Hampton Inn 724-430-1000

    $150-Full retreat including 2 nights in a semi-private room, evening snacks, 2 breakfasts, 1 lunch, and 1 dinner
    $115 -Full retreat including 2 nights in a semi-private room, evening snacks, no meals
    $50-commuter-includes the above meals and snacks without staying over
    $30-Retreat only, includes snacks
    $5 from each registration will go directly to SIA WSO-feel free to add more and we will send it along for you.
    We cannot accommodate special diets; you may bring your own food to be heated
    or utilize one of the many restaurants within walking distance/quick drive.

    Please register by: September 20th, 2014. For more info call or email Juanita 724-366-1163 or
    Please do not call the retreat center for information.
    Registrations should not be mailed after September 20th. Retreat center has a firm deadline.

    Please fill out and mail to Juanita Strange, 113 Mulberry Street, Hopwood, PA 15445.
    Confirmations and directions will be by sent by email, unless you send a self-addressed stamped envelope.
    Make checks payable to People of Courage.
    Suggested Check in time is 6:00-8:00 pm Friday (no dinner served), Opening meeting begins at 8:00 pm. Snacks after.


    Name______________________________________________________Home group_________________________________



    ___ yes!I would like to do some service for the retreat – please indicate what_____________________________

    The enclosed amount is for……………………………………………….. please check one on the next line:
    Full retreat $150 ______ Full Retreat w/o meals $115_____….would you like a …. (please mark one)
    __semi-private (large room with partitions around beds) or _____double or triple -Room mate’s Name(s)_____________________
    Retreat and meals (commuter) $50_______Retreat only $30________

Past events

21 Aug 2014 NY Intergroup 6th Annual Retreat
03 Aug 2014 Roundtable: Sexuality, Survivors & Intimate Relationships
13 Jul 2014 Roundtable: Working Steps 10 - 12 & The Promises
04 May 2014 Roundtable: Working Steps 7 - 9
13 Apr 2014 SIA Roundtable: Steps 4-6
07 Mar 2014 Mid-Atlantic Intergroup Annual Retreat
05 Jan 2014 There will be no Roundtable in November or December 2013
28 Nov 2013 Thanksgiving 24-hour Telephone Marathon
06 Oct 2013 WSC Roundtable: Working Steps 1 - 3
08 Sep 2013 Roundtable: Anger: The Role of Owning & Expressing Anger in Empowering Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse
23 Aug 2013 Forgiving Ourselves: SIA Retreat Aug 23-25
04 Aug 2013 Roundtable: When Mothers & Women are Perpetrators
02 Jun 2013 An SIA World Service Conference Roundtable Discussion:
05 May 2013 An SIA World Service Conference Roundtable Discussion
07 Apr 2013 World Service Conference Roundtable Discussion
03 Mar 2013 SIA WSC Liturature Committee Roundtable Discussion:
08 Feb 2013 Mid Atlantic Intergroup Annual Retreat CHALLENGE YOURSELF
03 Feb 2013 SIA WSC Literature Committee Roundtable Discussion:
06 Jan 2013 A SIA World Service Conference Roundtable Discussion:
18 Nov 2012 November SIA WSC Literature Committee Gold Book Roundtable Discussion: “Creating Safety & Support for Healing, Remembering & Working with the Emotional Content of Memories”
07 Oct 2012 A SIA World Service Conference Roundtable Discussion
02 Sep 2011 SIA New York Intergroup presents its 4th annual retreat!
15 Apr 2011 SIA Mid-Atlantic Intergroup's 18th Annual Retreat
08 Oct 2010 7th Biennial Spiritual SIA Retreat
06 Aug 2010 3rd Annual SIA World Service Conference
11 Jun 2010 SIA New York Intergroup presents our 3rd annual mountaintop retreat
05 Feb 2010 SIA MidAtantic Intergroup's 17th Winter Retreat at the Shore
24 Jul 2009 2nd SIA World Service Conference
12 Jun 2009 NYC SIA sponsored 2nd Annual Retreat in the Poconos, PA
06 Feb 2009 Keep It Simple: SIA Mid-Atlantic Intergroup's 16th Weekend Retreat
10 Oct 2008 SIA's 6th Biennial Spiritual Retreat
25 Jul 2008 1st Annual Sia World Service Conference
27 Jun 2008 SIA NYC Intergroup #1 Retreat
29 Jun 2007 4th Annual Summer SIA Retreat
17 Jun 2007 NYC Father's Day SIA Event
16 Feb 2007 14th Annual Winter SIA Retreat


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